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The Birth of the Violin

CD released in April 2013

The First Violins and their Repertoire (1500-1550)


Il stocco, Francesco Bendusi

Opera nova de balli - Antonio Gardane, Venice 1553



Salve sacrata, Filippo da Lurano

Laude, Libro secondo - Ottaviano Petrucci, Venice 1508 




During the first half of the sixteenth century, the smaller members of the bowed stringed instrument family gradually developed into an instrument which would be referred to as a "vyolon" at the court of Savoy in 1523.


The two main repertoires presented in this programme are that of the Franco-Flemish school, which flourished in Italy from the mid fifteenth century, and that of the Italian style, which had died out by 1430 but arose out of its ashes before the turn of the sixteenth century.




Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano

Tobie Miller, recorders

Marc Lewon, lute, viola d'arco

Elizabeth Rumsey, viol

Uri Smilansky, viol

Kirsty Whatley, harp

Baptiste Romain, vielle, Renaissance violin




Concert programme