le miroir de musique

Johan van Veen, Musica Dei Donum / Music Web International, "Recording of the month", August 2013 :


"This disc gives an excellent survey of the various ways in which string instruments, including the (renaissance) violin, were used in musical life of the 16th century in Italy. It is highly interesting from a historical point of view as the role of the violin in the renaissance is still underexposed. It is also most satisfying from a strictly musical angle: the programme is well put together, with an interesting and varied sequence. The performances are outstanding. This is singing and playing at the highest level. The liner-notes are informative and give much insight into the historical context of instruments and music. All the ingredients are there to justify the labelling of this disc as Recording of the Month."



Recommendation by Paul Ballyk, www.expeditionaudio.com/birth-of-the-violin-le-miroir-de-musique/, October 26 2013 :


"Several pieces include a solo vocal line, beautifully sung in a pure and simple manner by early music specialist Sabine Lutzenberger.


Of course, no vibrato is present at all in these authentic performances of unpretentious musicality and transparent textures. It's a very pleasant hour of music, varied, gracefully performed and easy to enjoy. It also sheds light on the simple roots of an instrument that later would inspire composers to write some of the most virtuosic music in history."



Fanfare, review by Barry Brenesal, December 5 2013 :


"Lutzenberger’s pleasant, technically solid voice is a delight to hear, and also pairs off well with the violin and viola d’arco in Regis’s Ave Maria.

Stylistic and textural differences in the music make for a constantly varied sound."




Linn Records, / Allegro Music, March 2013 :


"This recording introduces the Miroir de Musique, an ensemble of young players, the majority of whom studied at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. We are proud to present an exciting programme of works performed by musicians who are able to ally musicology with emotion."




Les introuvables de Nereffid, June 10 2013 :


There's an academic intent here, obviously, and the album may very well show up in my History of Classical Music through Recordings, but it's not merely academic, and the journey is a fascinating one.