le miroir de musique
©Elam Rotem

Le Miroir de Musique

Le Miroir de Musique is an ensemble specialised in the music of the late middle ages and Renaissance, from the golden age of the troubadours to the humanist movements of the 16th century. Directed by Baptiste Romain, the ensemble is based in Basel (CH) and brings together the most prolific of the new generation of early music performers, many of whom are graduates of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Le Miroir de Musique combines historically informed performance with rich sonorities and virtuosic instrumental practice.


The image of a "Mirror of Music" is borrowed from Jacques de Liège's treatise (Speculum Musicae), and reflects our goal of painting a vivid picture of medieval and Renaissance music, in a spirit of fidelity to the original sources.








Sabine Lutzenberger, soprano

Alex Potter, countertenor

Eve Kopli, soprano

Mathias Spoerry, baritone

Tobie Miller, symphonia, recorders

Marc Lewon, lute, vielle

Elizabeth Rumsey, vielle, viol

Uri Smilansky, vielle, viol

Kirsty Whatley, harp

Randall Cook, vielle, viol

Baptiste Romain, vielle, Renaissance violin, bagpipes